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Osim da informiraju javnost o aktivnostima na flashover obuci u Hrvatskoj ove internet stranice su namjenjene i za što lakšu komunikaciju među instruktorima budući imamo instruktora širom Hrvatske.

Iz tog razloga su neke teme tezervirane samo za međusobnu komunikaciju među instruktorima. No, na u javnim temama mogu raspravljati i postavljati pitanja svi korisnici koji se registriraju na naše stranice. Pozz..

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New BR-05: The third method of Bell & Ross

Many people like Bell and Increased, while others don't like all the pieces and circles. BR-05 best quality duplicate watches will help them meet in the centre!

We found some gossips about it at Baselworld. You will find no photos, no textual content, just prototypes that will not become released to the public for any reason. Today, on September six, it is over. Bell&Ross offers launched its latest item, the BR-05.

This is not regarding sports, complexity or selection. BR-05 is the case. Exactly how is this going! Although the brand name has adopted the "circular or square" dichotomy up to now, BR-05 is somewhere between. This is the missing link between two designs we have observed so far.

a popular sport

The thought of?? a "square circle" is not really a new concept. There are many different methods. There are Nautilus, Cyrus' Klepcys and Vacheron Constantin's Tranquility, but in all of these cases, the actual square is not a sq .. In fact , it is more like the mat. This is a square recommendation, a soft approximation that eliminates too harsh contrasts using the soft lines of the group.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Duplicate#@@#@!!

An additional alternative that also is available for a while is a broken round. We are considering Royal Maple, Admiral Corum, Laurato associated with Girard-Perregaux and FB-1 regarding Ferdinand Berthoud, don't forget numerous Hublots, they have a variety of polygonal shapes, some are more successful compared to others, the frame is actually round dial.

No bargain

Bell and Ross failed to follow these two paths. It is far from common, the corners tend to be sharp, the angle will be sharp, and the design is usually powerful. “It took all of us two years to complete this last design. The principle of the ring on the square is given, however we did a lot of focus on the dial area, the situation size and the strap as well as strap, ” Bruno, innovative director of Bell and Ross. Belamich explained.

BR-05's DNA was passed down through BR-03, and BR-03 may be the brand's reputation-building watch. They have the same tight square form, and only its corners are usually rounded here. Perhaps an additional parent of this newborn will be the Vintage collection, which is smoother and easier to use. BR-05 could be the product of both, however it is unique in itself. Its percentage is balanced and confident. “Our square case is carefully related to the brand, but it is just not universal. The same is true for the round case, but it will not make a difference. The BR-05 will likely be a unique variant of each, ” continues Bruno Belamich.Tudor PELAGOS replica watces#@@#@!!

Overall bracelet: a good unsurprising but natural advancement
Construction work is not restricted to this. It also extends to the particular bracelet. Bell and Ross chose to make it an integral part. The very first link is actually part of the situation. This is by no means a revolutionary option, as its most famous embodiment is a Royal Oak, and there are much more examples. The same is true for your alternately polished and blown surfaces of the bracelet, that shares a character with timepieces such as Rolex, Omega, Girard-Perregaux, Longines, and Baume. It possesses a quality surface that attracts collectors. “We pay attention to bracelets, ” describes Bruno Belamich. “In so that it will give it a gentle, perfect ornament, there are four different sizes involving links, all set at a accurate angle. The folding hold is round and can contain the wrist. We also offer any rubber strap. It has a contemporary of,

a big family
Bells and Ross have joined the market with a complete family members. Steel dominates, with 3 models in black, glowing blue or light grey knobs. There is also a rose gold version having a black dial. Finally, you will find two rubber bands (black or even blue) with familiar foldable buckles. The set includes a BR-05 Skeleton, limited version. This skeleton model may be the only three-handed - surely have three hands plus day.MB&F HM7 replica watches#@@#@!!

For whom?

It is hard to find the target audience for the brand new BR-05. “The 40mm file format is the perfect consensus for several cultures and is also unisex, ” says Bruno Belamich. This really is undoubtedly an original work, nonetheless it does not have the marketing benefit of BR-01 or BR-03 (with their aviation association) or perhaps BR-V (V for Vintage), which can immediately attach by itself to a story that has been brand by the brand marketing division. Enriched.

The BR-05 is really a different story - a tale that has not yet been told. Timepieces are designed with their design in your mind, and each wearer can create chapters themselves. This is an excellent exercise, but it is an daring exercise. Today, watch advertising is so powerful that finish customers are used to buying total packaging: watches, history (real or fictional), most exclusive ambassadors, their achievements, historic backgrounds, etc . BR-05 noesn't need any - but. Naturally, the feedback we noticed in March (Basel World) and September (official release) was very positive. This remains to be seen whether the style is strong enough to really make it commercially successful.http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

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