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Osim da informiraju javnost o aktivnostima na flashover obuci u Hrvatskoj ove internet stranice su namjenjene i za što lakšu komunikaciju među instruktorima budući imamo instruktora širom Hrvatske.

Iz tog razloga su neke teme tezervirane samo za međusobnu komunikaciju među instruktorima. No, na u javnim temama mogu raspravljati i postavljati pitanja svi korisnici koji se registriraju na naše stranice. Pozz..

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Converse Chuck 70 Sale (1 pregled) (1) Gost
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The combination of the Converse Le Fleur Suede Low Sale being synonymous with basketball tradition and the addition of multiple colors started to give an athletic shoe a cultural crossover appeal that companies dream about. Therefore it is no surprise that when skateboarding emerged in the late 70s, the urban and rugged Chuck Taylor was one of first choices for many skaters. That makes it TWO sports that basically owe their popularity if not existence to the Chuck. No other sports shoe comes even close to that.

When it comes to branding, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sale circular Chuck Taylor All-Star logo is one of the most recognizable marks in the world today. The logo usually only appears on the medial collar of the OG shoe, but Converse has now put a new branded spin on the Chuck — calling upon an all-over printed canvas for the most heavily logo-ed Chuck that we’ve seen yet. The shoes employ the Chuck’s original red, white, and blue color scheme, while the upper is completely covered in branded emblems thanks to the printed canvas. For an interesting touch, a few stamped logos are sporadically scattered across the already wild upper for a hidden detail that you’ll likely miss if you so much as blink. The standard Chuck outsole is gone, replaced by a black version with a smaller tread pattern, and an aqua blue Converse logo hit completes the shoe’s wild look.

Cleverly dubbed the Converse Chuck 70 Sale – a play off the artist’s Golf Le Fleur Converse capsules – this One Star comes dressed in the menacing creature’s familiar kelly green fur with frowning eyes embroidered into both the lateral and medial heel. Tyler’s signature sunflower-patterned outsole is in full effect in a matching green hue, opposite of a set of seasonally red insoles with co-branded detailing. While no official release information currently exists, you can expect these Grinch Le Fleurs to release sometime in the near future to help you steal Christmas.

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